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Off Grid Solar Power Systems provide energy security and independence for your Solar powered home or business.

Boyd Solar in Didsbury, Alberta is the place to go for expertise in designing stand-alone Off Grid Solar Electric Systems. Erhard Hermann has been living with and installing these Solar powered Off Grid systems since 2001 and has relied totally on renewable energy for power the whole time, without using a generator. Boyd Solar's main focus and expertise lies in full time "Off Grid" homes.

Living “Off Grid” does not mean you have to be chained to a generator or do without. With the price of Solar modules so low now, modern, well designed systems no longer depend on a generator running hundreds of hours a year to provide the required electricity for your "Off Grid" home to make it truly "Off Grid"

The comprehensive research, testing and integration assures that the final product will perform as designed. There is a significant amount of information about solar power systems that has been perpetuated by solar crusaders, marketing departments and sales people that have led to unrealistic expectations from solar systems. This website has been designed to provide people with information about renewable energy and the tools to make wise and informed choices. Please check out our resources to see what makes up a good “Off Grid” Solar Power Energy System. The descriptions and tools will help people to differentiate a good “Off Grid” power system from an inadequate one. Many systems that are marketed for medium or large “Off Grid” homes are woefully undersized, have far too small of a battery bank and rely on a generator to provide a lot of the required power.

One guarantee that is positively assured in this industry is that if you cheap out, you will certainly have trouble and it will cost you! To see the results of cheaping out and not installing properly according to the Canadian Electrical Code, click here.

One of the most important things that we have learned over the years is that even though climate data, manufacturer's specifications and data are good for Grid Tied systems, they do not really work well for "Off Grid" packages by themselves.

There are 4 must read pages on this website if you are seriously considering an "Off Grid" system.

The most important one is the System Design page.

The others are

Boyd Solar strives to provide high quality, comprehensive well designed systems and excellent customer service. We are conveniently located on the Edmonton to Calgary corridor about halfway between Red Deer and Calgary. For great prices on Solar panels, inverters and batteries, check out our component pricing page.

Boyd Solar uses only high quality products such as Outback Power Inverters and Flexware, Magnum Inverters, Midnite Solar products, Rolls, Trojan and Full River batteries and many other leading products. Solar Photovoltaic Systems or Solar PV systems use Solar Modules which are frequently called Solar Panels to generate power from the energy radiated by the sun. This energy is stored in batteries and then converted to household power by inverters.

To further enhance our customer’s experience, we have developed more services and expertise.

  • Certified Hydronic Designer to integrate the heating system in a very energy efficient and practical way.
  • Listed panel shop services for all types of controls.
  • Design and consultation at the building design stage to facilitate efficient layout for the mechanical room and other building aspects, especially related to heat loss and energy consumption.

Boyd Solar has predesigned packages and offers custom designed systems. Most of the systems that we sell are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Systems vary from full Off Grid Homes to battery backup, cycle charge, telecom and industrial systems.

The pictures on this website are all installations that we have done. The 2 pictures on this page are of Erhard's House and Shop which are both totally Off Grid and are also "AC Coupled" as a mini Grid so that they can share power if desired.

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