About Us

Boyd Solar is centrally located in Didsbury between Calgary and Red Deer. Erhard Hermann, President of Boyd Solar, has relied totally on renewable energy for his power needs since 2001, without using any type of back up generation. He has done a lot of research at his own home and shop and has used this experience to build some of the best “Off Grid” systems. The experience gained in living daily with a totally renewable power system is invaluable for helping others to do the same.

Erhard Hermann is a Certified Master Electrician and Certified Hydronic Designer with a passion to learn more and help others. His Renewable Energy System is one of the most complex “Off Grid” systems and has served as a testing ground for equipment. The power system has 2 independent stand-alone systems that are also connected as a “Micro Grid” to share power. The solar thermal heating system consists of a combination of flat plate collectors, single wall evacuated tube collectors and double wall evacuated tube collectors. These are integrated with a wood fired boiler and a gas fired boiler with a control system designed by Erhard.

Erhard is also very much a “boots on the ground” realistic and practical person and has provided a lot of the information that he has acquired over the years on the website for the benefit of all.

This experience in relying totally on renewable energy for his power requirements also gives him keen insight into integrating a large amount of renewables into the present power grid, and the challenges of doing so.