Having satisfied customers is not just a goal; it is personally important to each of us here at Boyd Solar, but we can not say it like our customers do…

Erhard delivered a containerized solar & energy storage solution of exceptional quality and met a demanding schedule.   His experience enabled us to make smarter design decisions that reduced cost as well as our exposure to deployment and operating hazards.    The asset continues to perform very well in a systems-critical and remote application.   He did an extraordinary job for us and his support is top notch.

The overall experience in purchasing the system with Boyd Solar has been great and I will certainly be referring anyone interested in our setup to you.

Best Regards,

To Boyd Solar:

Our solar system saved hundreds of trees!!

…and that’s just on the installation! We were looking at having to cut a swath of trees 40 feet wide and a kilometer long just so we could have power to the house.

Thank goodness for an alternative! While it was more somewhat more expensive up front to install the solar panels and battery bank we now have the freedom to run the dishwasher, type on the computer or turn on the stereo when the neighbours are huddling by the fireplace because of a power outage. We also have the freedom to live without a power bill. All of this is in addition to knowing that we are minimizing our carbon footprint. It makes our dreamhome all that more fabulous.  

Our situation called for a generator as part of the power system. Natural gas is a small fixed cost in Alberta so the only challenge was in selecting a generator. We found one that works for us. It does contribute significantly when the hours grow shorter but with daylight hours increasing we need it less and less. It hasn’t been on now for three days and it’s not even spring yet! But what an additional security knowing that if the clouds roll in thick for days, the generator is there to support us. 

Erhard and his team guided us, power system novices that we were, through the decision making process The sea of technicalities was made very understandable. My husband is pretty handy, but since he travels a lot I need to be confident that the system is easy to manage. Well, there isn’t much to do. In fact, other than checking the monitor to see “how much we’re making” I don’t have to do anything. I also know if there are questions then Erhard and the team are there to answer them (and he has!!). 

We would really recommend having a plumber and electrician plan their systems with input from Erhard and the team. After six months of living in our new home we see where a few things could have been made more efficient. Erhard and the team have so much knowledge and practical experience that way surpasses the guide books it would be silly not to incorporate their suggestions. 

If Jon and I can live on a solar powered system then anybody can. We didn’t give up anything (I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say that). We run two computers, a normal fridge, dishwasher, normal washing machine and dryer – we even have a freezer! We are conscious of energy consumption as a lifestyle. Other than the normal attention to consumption there is no sensation on having compromised. If you didn’t see the panels (and our guests don’t notice them up on the roof until we point them out) you wouldn’t even know this great energy source is even at work. There is no difference in our lifestyle living with solar power compared to our homes in the past run on mass- produced power… we just feel better about the clean energy source and have security of uninterrupted service. 

It’s a struggle to call mass-produced power “normal” power, when solar is just so much more reasonable – clean and reliable. 

Thank you, Erhard, for your guidance and the security of our solar powered system,

Jon and Jodi, Water Valley, Alberta

To Boyd Solar:

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did in designing and installing our PV system.

We appreciate that you took the time in the beginning to find out exactly what it was we wanted when we did not have the knowledge to express our needs clearly.  You displayed integrity and professionalism throughout the process, and we are very happy with the results.

We would not hesitate to use your services again in the future, and are more than happy to recommend you and your company to others.  We found you to be not only passionate about what you do, but extremely knowledgeable, very thorough and always available to answer the many questions we had before, during and after the process.

Thank you again!

Desmond and Clare

We have been very satisfied with the service and quality of the work involved in our project and have yet to meet a person more competent in the field of renewable energy.

I recomend them to anyone looking  at a renewable energy system, whether it be wind or solar.